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The Best Cup Coffee Maker

keurig b60keurig b60keurig b60keurig b60keurig b60When someone is considered to be a morning person, the influence of coffee in his or her being a morning person is not very far behind. In fact, coffee is such a popular drink that it doesn’t really matter if you are a morning or night person. The great taste it provides you with, that aroma you smell when those coffee beans are brewing, the hot steam you see floating from the cup; everything about coffee is just addicting.

What is the secret to such remarkable and delectable coffee? You may argue that it is always the quality of the coffee beans which makes coffee so good; you would be surprised that most of the time, the secret to such great coffee is the cup coffee maker.

Cup Coffee Makers—The Best of The Best

If you want to make the perfect cup of coffee, you would need the best single cup coffee maker out there, wouldn’t you? But what is the best single cup coffee maker out in the market today? Websites such as http://smartespressomakers.com/are dedicated to providing you with information about cup coffee makers—anything and everything you have to know about them. Come and browse upon the whole site and you will see more info on how to determine which cup coffee maker is the best one out there, just like this.

There are quite a few points which you have to check when shopping for single cup coffee makers:
– If it makes and brews coffee quickly
– If it has multiple brewing options
– If it uses up a lot of wattage
– If it brews not only coffee (for future purposes)
– If it makes coffee just the way you prefer you coffee to be

Should the coffee cup maker you are eyeing check out on all of these points, then what you have there could possibly be the best single cup coffee maker. However, there are quite a few of these incredibly great single cup coffee makers which have all of the aforementioned points. What you have to decide upon now is which among the select few would be the best single cup coffee maker for you?

Which One Is Exactly Right For You?

There are quite a number of great cup coffee makers out there; however, only three stand out among all of the ones out there in the market. What these three cup coffee makers have in common is the fact that they are all single cup coffee makers; and although two of these three are made by the same cup coffee maker manufacturing brand, the fact that they are all single cup coffee makers might be the only similarity they have with each other.

The first one among these three is the Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System single cup coffee maker. This bad boy runs on a whopping 1,500-watt single cup brewing apparatus. It makes coffee without any of the mess you would otherwise have if you make your coffee manually. It has three different brewing options, and to top all of that, it not only brews coffee; it also makes tea and hot cocoa. Whoa, whoa, step on the brakes there for a minute pal; you’re only through the first of three of the best. Don’t decide until you’ve seen all of them first.

keurig b601keurig b601The second is another one from Keurig—who frankly might be the single best brand out there in the market to offer single cup coffee makers—the Keurig® K10 MINI Plus Personal Coffee Brewer. This amazing thing of beauty does not only look great (it comes in purple!), it also makes great coffee. It does so in less than two whole minutes. You can’t get any more instant than that.

Similar to its electronic brother, the Keurig B60, the Keurig K10 also cleans up well after itself, without any spills when brewing. Also like the Keurig B60, the k10 makes tea aside from the standard coffee. It has three brewing size preferences to top all of its specifications of.

keurig b601The last, but definitely not the least among these three magnificent single cup coffee makers, is the BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer. Now this may be a single cup coffee maker, but this powerful coffee cup device gives off its main feature in its name alone. This multi-purpose cup coffee maker makes anything from coffee, to hot cocoa, to tea, to even special hot drinks, whatever you prefer. It does so in less than a minute. That might be a record for cup coffee makers. This cup coffee maker does not only look good, it is offered at a good price as well.

Making The Decision

There is no doubt that all three of the single-cup coffee makers talked about up there are definitely great buys; but which one is really the best single cup coffee maker? That question can only be answered by you, for when it really comes down to it, what you really want from these electronic appliances is not whether they can do a bunch of different things; rather, you want them to make the best single cup of coffee you will have ever had.