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Coffee Quality from Features of Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Maker

A good energizer at the start of any day is having a cup of coffee from the Breville café Roma espresso maker in your kitchen. That’s it, you no longer have to queue and pay hefty amount for a shot of espresso from the nearby coffee shop. Investing in a coffee maker will save you a lot of bucks and time without missing out the flavor and aroma of real espresso.
Breville cafe Roma espresso maker
Why are many people so crazy about espresso? In the first place, this is not really a type of coffee. It is merely a special preparation of coffee using coffee beans for a concentrated shot of the drink. Many had lamented that the preparation at home takes some effort. But they have it all wrong. Espresso preparation is easy if you have a good kind of machine like the Breville cafe Roma espresso maker. Investing on one machine such as this makes you a good barista in your kitchen.

Breville cafe Roma espresso maker – the product specifications

What must you look for in your espresso machine? Have the Breville cafe Roma espresso maker for your guide. Look for these product specifications.
The Breville cafe Roma espresso maker is made in Italy and that is how it adopted its “Roma” part of the model’s label. It is designed with 15-bar dual wall pressure pump. This aims to provide this coffee maker with the right level of pressure to extract a superior flavor of espresso. This will also bring out the crema flavor of the coffee. This coffee maker model is designed to have a stainless steel frothing wand that helps maintain better temperature of the drink.

This wand is also an aid in cleaning up the machine when making cappuccino.
The Breville cafe Roma espresso maker has a big water tank. With the 40 ounce capacity of the tank, you are able to make 26 shots of espresso coffee in one brewing. This is very time-saving when your drinkers’ consumption is high. To add aesthetic appeal, this coffee maker comes with a stainless steel espresso cup and frothing jug.

Breville cafe Roma review of the quality of produced coffee

Being more concerned about the drink, you are more interested on the quality of coffee produced by the machine. Thanks to the 15-bar thermo block pump that makes the espresso shot rich with the perfect crema.
Take note of the taste of the espresso that was produced by your coffee maker. The best espresso is extraordinarily sweet and the flavor is comparable to freshly ground coffee. There is a potent aroma coming out from the drink. The perfect crema is dark reddish-brown, thick but still smooth. You should enjoy the taste even if no additives had yet been added. After drinking, watch out inside your mouth for the lingering aroma of the coffee. Many espresso drinkers found the Lavazza espresso beans good to try with the machine.

Breville espresso machine maintenance

breville rome cafe espresso makerAs a bonus to having purchased a Breville espresso machine, you will find maintenance to be very easy. The facile way to clean and use is something of the bonus. The Breville cafe Roma espresso maker is equipped with removable drip tray and grid to facilitate the washing of the coffee equipment. The stainless steel body is also easy to maintain and polish to make it look new.
Without doubt your Breville cafe Roma espresso maker can be operated in a breeze to come out with a perfect espresso shot. You will be surprised that using the machine, you tend to resemble a topnotch barista who can prepare a superb espresso, latte or cappuccino in the small kitchen. If you need one such machine at the cheapest cost, you can search for refurbished coffee maker. As long as the pre-owned equipment is useable and very functional, you will still come out with top tasting and aromatic espresso.