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Basic and Special Uses of Italian Espresso Maker

Yes, espresso is a coffee drink that is so popular in Italia and today, it has become more popular because it forms the base of a cappuccino drink. On top of the espresso, add frothed milk to have the sweet rich flavor of a cup of cappuccino. But to have this coffee drink, you will need a special machine, the Italian espresso maker. You cannot achieve the real espresso taste without the 15 bar pressure of a coffee machine. It is this high pressure in the Italian espresso maker that extracts the superior flavor from the coffee grounds. In the past, there must be a barista or a bartender to make the good espresso. Not anymore today because you can be the barista in your kitchen when you have Italian espresso maker equipment.
Italian espresso maker
Basically, the espresso maker falls in one of the three method-based classifications. It can be steam driven, piston driven or pump driven. In the steam driven machine, water is forced through the coffee grounds. In the piston driven, hot water is manually pressed through the grounds through a lever. With the pump-driven hot water is pressed through the grounds with the use of motor driven pump. The first type is the cheapest but the last type is the most commonly used. The pump driven can be operated semi-automatically, automatically or super automatically. The Italian espresso maker has one essential purpose however it also performs other special functions.

The essential use of Italian espresso maker

Basically, the essential use of the Italian espresso maker is for coffee brewing. This machine enables you to drink and enjoy a cup of brewed coffee with great taste and aroma. The superiority of the coffee is due to the amazing features of the machine where pressing the grounds properly produces the good taste. With the Italian espresso maker, all you have to do is to pour the water on the coffee beans. You will just wait for the machine to do the magic of automatic brewing. Once done with brewing the machine sends alert signals. It then is the time for you to collect your cup of aromatic and sweet espresso.

Special uses of Italian espresso machine

From the essential task of brewing, you find other uses of the Italian espresso machine. Aside from the basic coffee brewing this Italian coffee maker can also produce cappuccino, latte and other espresso based beverages. With an automatic feature, all you have to do is put the ingredients in the machine and wait for you to be alerted that the coffee is already done.
The machine’s brewer is leak proof and has been designed to keep the beverage hot for a certain period. Thus, you can carry your drink to some other places. The Italian espresso maker can also be used to heat water for other purposes. Leave the coffee compartment empty, pour water and you can have boiled water in a matter of seconds. There are models that have the grinding feature. With this, your coffee beans will be ground for use in the machine. This feature spares you from grinding coffee beans manually. You just have to put the beans in the allotted compartment and when turned on, the beans will be made into the grounds that are needed in espresso making.

DeLonghi espresso – a brand of coffee maker

Among the brands for the espresso maker is DeLonghi trademark, the most popular model in the line is the Magnifica model. The features of this special coffee machine include coffee temperature controller, three hour automatic shut off, electric steam and dual stainless boiler. Most of the parts are removable or detachable making maintenance easy. The DeLonghi espresso maker is ready to prepare your espresso as well as regular coffee, special lattes and cappuccinos.
The basic use of the Italian espresso maker is for coffee brewing. However, because it has special features it is capable of other uses or functions. It maintains hot temperature to make portable espresso that can be carried anywhere. It also performs the function of boiling water as well as grinding coffee beans.